New podcast series: “A Drink & A Chat”

A Drink and a Chat with…..Stacy Codikow

September 4, 2014

Denise has a one-on-one conversation with Stacy Codikow of "Power Up Films", who, as you may know, is at the centre of controversy over "GirlTrash-All night Long" the full length feature film- a MUSICAL comedy- that we, the audience, have been waiting on for the last 5 years. Released this past December (2013) in a blaze of word-fire bullets by it's screenplay writer, Angela Robinson ("D.E.B.S.", "The L Word", "True Blood"), who took to the popular lesbian websites with statements regarding her disapproval of the release and denouncing her future involvement with anything having to do with Power Up Films. The two former friends and business buddies are at odds on behind-the-scenes-"she said/she said" situations that have held up the film for years and that escalated so much, it's distracted from the underlying fact that this is a smart, entertaining, fun, well-done LESBIAN film- something our community is constantly lacking, something our community needs and regardless of who you believe or who's side you're on-- you really should see it and have yourself a good time with familiar faces from days gone by, a thumping soundtrack, big laughs and and an excitement that brings you back to your crazy days. 

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