New podcast series: “A Drink & A Chat”

A Drink and a Chat with…..Jane Czyzselska, editor of Diva Magazine

November 19, 2014

Join Denise (in progress) during a chat with Jane Czyzselska, long time editor of the #1 selling lesbian publication in the U.K. "Diva Magazine"- the monthly bible for LBT women across Europe, full of good stuff, great resources, important topics, talented contributors and tasty pictures. Denise & Jane discuss the different annual issues, such as the "Sex" issue and the "Naked" issue which is now known as the "Body" issue, plus what's coming up in the December holiday edition. Remember, you can buy Diva Magazine at many of your local stores, including WH Smith's, Tesco and Sainsbury's and also you can subscribe online for the digital edition with it's perks (we discuss that, too!)  at  Thanks for listening! Please share, leave a comment, post, re-post, tweet & "Like" our Facebook page for updates. It only takes a second of your time and it means so much in the Podcast World!

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